Exciting News!

My first novel will be coming out in early 2016!

I suppose saying my “first” novel is a bit misleading. I’ve been writing, rewriting, and editing for years now and technically have written novels before this one. But this is my first work within the genre of romance (and New Adult, as well, too!) and it’s over 100k, so it’s been a bit of a beast to complete. Right now, the edits–along with my day job–are taking it out of me. But I’m super excited to get this book in better shape to hopefully share it with the world.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing a lot of shorter pieces and getting published here and there. Have you checked out my shorts tab recently? Or my longer works tab? Because more information will be there.

Right now, it should be summer vacation time, but I’m teaching summer school. Have you all noticed how much really good TV is coming out in the summer? My absolute faves, Hannibal and Orange is The New Black, are on again at the end of this week. Then True Detective (which I admittedly have a love/hate relationship with) will be on again with the second season on the 21st of June. And Rachel McAddams is on it! Totally excited.

In the mean time, you should all check out Don’t Be Shy. I have a short story (Paradise Rewritten) in the first volume, and I have to say–I’m enjoying my contributor’s copy. 🙂


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