Cover Reveal

Ylva Publishing has officially welcomed me aboard with an announcement of my novel to come in early 2016. Check out the entry here, which gives a bit more detail about the book. Right now, I want to talk about the cover:


I really, really like this. Very simple, but effective. I remember thinking of the title Fragile when I first moved in with my partner and I have been lugging boxes around all day. At that time, the story was still just scribbles in a notebook, but having a title, I felt as if I could finally see the story come into focus. When I got the proofs for the cover in my mail, the same familiar feeling came back to me–so I knew I liked the work Ylva and their design team had done. 🙂

Other noteworthy things: I signed a contract for a short supernatural romance story for Ylva, and I’ve also been working on a new book that I’m in the stages of editing. Oh, and interviews. Lots and lots of interviews upcoming.

Until then, back to Orange is the New Black. 😉



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