“Ugly Things.” Tales of the Grimoire. Ylva Publishing. October 2015.


To the outside world, Kylie is a beautiful and caring worker at the local animal shelter in Florida. But on the inside, Kylie is deeply worried about her appearance–especially when she transforms into a werewolf once a month. Having already restarted her life once, Kylie is determined to keep people at arm’s length, preferring to collect antique lamps and old music instead of cultivating human relationships. All of this changes when Jeanette, a friendly and talkative woman, comes in to adopt a dog. When she picks Trixie, the ugly mutt no one likes at the shelter, Kylie wonders if Jeanette is different–and if they may have a chance together.
“Red Suits and Second Chances.” Do You Feel What I Feel?” Ylva Publishing. December 2015.
Do-You-Feel-What-I-Feel-800 Cover reveal and Promotional
This holiday season marks the almost one year anniversary since Gina DiMarco came out as a trans woman at her office. The year’s been full of ups and downs, but Gina feels as if she’s finally fitting in. Her cute coworker, Felicia, who often shares fashion tips and always calls Gina by her correct name and pronouns, certainly helps. But when Gina realizes that her busy PR firm is planning a large Christmas party, she suddenly grows to hate the one tradition she’s never been able to shake: playing Santa Claus. Before coming out as a woman, this job always fell on her–but now it feels more inappropriate than anything else. How can Gina get out of her obligation without ruining everyone’s Christmas cheer? And if she does play Santa, how will Felicia see her?
A review from Curve Magazine that mentions “Red Suits” as one of the best stories in the anthology.

“Paradise Rewritten.” Don’t Be Shy. Ylva Publishing Anthology. June 2015.


After making out with Livia in a bar, Zoe has avoided her, hoping to repress her feelings. That works until Livia tracks her down at her job at a pet store and tempts her to come out again. After a brief struggle with her religious roots, Zoe realizes the two of them can rewrite their version of paradise, if they do not like what they have been given.

“Fresh Blood.” Wicked Things. Ylva Publishing. October 2014.



When Allie gets home late from the night shift, she finds her girlfriend Violet home early and annoyed. Another couple’s squabble turns into an interesting and feisty argument, as Allie — a vampire — must convince Violet — a human — that she has not done anything she shouldn’t while on shift. Allie thinks back on her busy night, which involved a crash, a robbery, and her feeding on fresh blood, and must decide what details to reveal and what to keep hidden for later.




“A New Christmas Carol.” Unwrap These Presents. Ylva Publishing. December 2014.



Caroline Braithwaite is a regular Christmas Scrooge this holiday season.  After getting a much needed divorce, she has moved into a new house with the hopes of starting a new life. Her only regret is that she will not be spending Christmas with her thirteen year old son, Daniel.  To prepare for her first Christmas alone in many years, Caroline bans all Christmas food, Christmas songs, and all other festivities from her new house and forbids her friends from mentioning the holiday. When her friends Trisha, Melanie, and Adriana bring  gingerbread cookies anyway, Caroline has to think on her feet and find something else to eat. Late at night, she orders pizza online and gets an unexpected jog in her memory as a former friend, and crush, Kim, comes to her door. Can Caroline survive the holiday season with her miserable attitude intact, or does the first woman she ever fell for rekindle the desire to celebrate and fall in love all over again?




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