Behind The Red Curtain. Victorian and steampunk. July 2014. JMS Books.

Behind_the_Red_Curtain_400x600 (2)

Cassandra Lightman, a former inventor, now works with Dr. Timothy Brown, helping him cure women of hysteria. When Sandra’s relationship with Bedelia Morten, a patient, becomes too close, she invents a vibrator to “stand-in” for herself. When Sandra’s invention takes off, she is forced to reconsider her role both in and out of the examination room and with who she wants by her side.


Rotten Fruit. Halloween, Paranormal, Erotic Romance. JMS Books. October 19 2014.

Cover by JMS Books.

After Katrina Rose is finally declared cancer-free, she tries to return to a normal life—when she meets Carmen Sykes instead. A tall, beautiful woman, Carmen has just lost her girlfriend of cancer. Their shared past leads them to an overwhelming affair, which soon becomes as dangerous and deadly as the disease that almost killed Kat years ago.


Metal & Dust Series

The Siege. Part One. Sci-fi, dystopia, cyberpunk. June 2014. JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

When Riley Hurwitz, a hack and weapons maker, breaches Samandra Keen’s military compound, she is taken prisoner. With Riley bound to a bed and gagged, Samandra must figure out why someone as smart as Riley has been caught. What results is a battle of wills until both women understand that their mission in this futuristic landscape is not to be bound to an idea, but to one another.


Ty’s Trick. Part 2. Sci-fi, dystopia, cyberpunk. JMS Books. September 19 2014.


As The Government’s librarian, Tycoon Wind has been in charge of surveying what the people read and deleting the dangerous stories from their view. Using her recipe for ink, Ty writes down the stories she’s been forced to delete in order to preserve them. But when another hacker escapes without a trace, Ty turns to her girlfriend for help, where they plan a better ending for themselves.



Coming Soon:

The Big Reveal. Contemporary Transgender Romance. Less Than Three Press. TBD 2016/7.

Storms and Saints. Bisexual (f/f) and Lesbian Romance, Urban Fantasy. Less Than Three Press. TBD.

The Spirit of the Stairwell. F/F Romance, Urban Fantasy. TBD.



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