Two Anthologies + Exam Season

My comprehensive exams are only a month away and I’m starting to feel the heat. Mostly because I spent the first part of September and October reading my favourite romance authors more than I should have been reading about new media. Oops. I guess my November is scheduled for me.

But before other things take me away, I want to talk about the two anthologies I’ll be in this season. One for Halloween (though really, spooky stories can be read at any time in my opinion), and another in time for the Christmas (or other winter holiday) season!

cover_A_Tales-of-the-Grimoire_Book-One_Halloween-2015_500x800Do-You-Feel-What-I-Feel-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

I’ve already mentioned a few details about “Ugly Things” so I’ll shift my focus to my story “Red Suits and Second Chances” in Ylva’s Do You Feel What I Feel Anthology. My main character, Gina, dreads the holiday season because she wonders if she’ll have to play Santa Claus again at her office’s Holiday┬áparty. Years before, when she wasn’t out as a trans woman, she was always slotted into this role because of her large beard and belly. Now, her life is considerably different–and she merely wants to get through the holidays without revisiting her past ghosts. Good thing Felicia, a helpful coworker, has a plan that involves some rethinking of Christmas spirit and what to do with red fabric.

I realize now that so many of my holiday stories end up having characters who hate Christmas, or generally find a hard time enjoying the holiday. Gift Wrapped was about two women who were considerably stressed for the holiday, since one was grading and the other wasn’t that close with her family. I’m sensing a trend here! I love Christmas, but I often find that I have to really work at loving it in some way. I need to find unique traditions and different stories to tell.

And hopefully, if everything goes okay, I will be done and passed my exams (both written & oral) by the time the winter solstice happens. Wish me luck!