September Review

I really, really like September.

First of all, my birthday is here in seven days. This year, it actually does fall on Labour Day, so I actually get a day off work. In other years, my birthday has often fallen on the first day of school, which for a nerd like me isn’t actually that bad.

Which also brings me to another reason why I like this September–no more course work! If you’ve been close to me or following me on Tumblr, you’ll know that I’ve been getting my PhD. This July, I finally finished the last of my required course work for my degree and I’m so excited. I’ll have to prepare for my comprehensive exams this fall instead, but considering that it will mostly consist of reading books I find interesting, I’m totally okay with that.

Another reason to like September? It’s close to Halloween and I’m a fan of all things Halloween. Including scary stories–like my short called “Ugly Things” in Ylva’s upcoming Tales Of The Grimoire Anthology. Have I mentioned this yet? Because it’s really not that scary of a story, but more supernatural and fun. Kylie is a werewolf, but an ugly, mutt of a werewolf so she has no pack. She works at a dog shelter instead, protecting all the dogs–especially the mutts–from bad owners. Then she meets Jeanette, who likes Trixie this hideous beast of a dog that I actually based on a real life wondrous ugly puppy, and Kylie thinks she’s found the perfect person. Check out the listing for the anthology here.


The other good thing about it being this close to Halloween? PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. I may be a complete stereotype of jumping on the bandwagon, but come on, pumpkin spice lattes?? I’m going to get a least a dozen until they stop serving them around Christmas time. Because pumpkin spice is great. And so is September, and I’ll obviously need these lattes when I’m studying super hard and trying to get edits done for my novel, Fragile, while also working on a couple other interesting projects.

Like this really strange urban fantasy series that I’m working on about enchanted shoes. More to come later.


For now, as a parting word, can I link you to my free short story “Friday I’m In Love” that came out back in July? Because it’s cute, and I love The Cure, and it’s under 1000 words, so it won’t take you to long to read. Enjoy!