Discussing Transgender Romance

Dear readers,

How is everyone? Today a short post I wrote about transgender romance is live on All Romance Cafe! Check it out here.

I mostly discuss my most recent release from JMS Books Looking Back, about a late-in-life trans woman, but there are some musings on Caitlyn Jenner’s transition as well since the Vanity Fair article had just broken when I first wrote this post. It’s exciting to see so much press for an issue like transgender visibility, but I really hope we can soon move on from the coming out stories and accept trans people from the start. No explanation needed. Caitlyn’s cover is beautiful and definitely should be seen (click here if you still haven’t), but there are so many trans people out there who also deserve the same love and attention she’s getting, and I don’t want to forget about their lives, either.

Looking Back is a small story among the many transgender romance novels coming out lately. (PS: Have you seen the amazing trans tag that Less Than Three has? So fantastic!) I’m already working on my next trans short story (hint: it will be a holiday one), and I know I’m not stopping there.



Nina Johnson is a fan of new starts. Ever since coming out as a transgender woman, she’s been used to cutting ties and burning bridges whenever people get too close or voice their concern over who she is. When Nina goes to cut her long, red hair, she begins to look back on her life and reflect on her choices. Alejandro, her stylist, makes her wonder if living alone is really all it seems to be.

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